Getting chicks in the coop at night???


8 Years
Aug 17, 2011
West Texas
So, my 8 week old chicks love thier run. Some of them love it so much that they don't go into the coop at night. THey just nest up where wver they are at. I go out there every evening, put them in the coop and shut the coop up.

So, how do you "train" your chicks to go into the coop at night?
Agreed. Just keep putting them in there and they'll learn to go in. I had to do the same thing with mine for at least a week before they got the idea. Now they put themselves to bed, hooray!
I have 3 blue andalusions out of 22 chickens and They insisted on perching in the cedar trees every night yet they went into coop for feed and water during the day. I have a coyote problem that occurs in the very early am hours so I did not want them out of coop. Every night like clock work I went out and had to pull them out of the cedars. Finally I locked them all in their coop for a week straight. That pretty much took care of the problem.

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