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    Dec 24, 2013
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    I live in North College Hill in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is it's own city. I am trying to get city council to change the law, which now states:
    The keeping of chickens, ducks, rabbits and similar farm animals, and cages, coops and enclosures for the keeping of such animals, shall be governed by the following regulations if not expressly prohibited in Section 1184.04:
    (a) Residential Districts. In Residential Districts, the following regulations shall apply:
    (1) Number. No more than one such animal shall be kept on a parcel of land for each 2,000 square feet of parcel or lot area. For example, a standard residential lot of 5,900 square feet in the R-2 District, this regulation would permit no more than a total of two (2) such animals.
    (2) Setbacks. The coops or cages housing such animals may not be located in front yard or side yard areas and shall not be located within 20 feet of a side yard line or rear yard line.
    (3) Coops and Cages. All animals shall be provided with a covered, predator-proof coop or cage or other shelter that is thoroughly ventilated, designed to be easily accessed and cleaned, and of sufficient size to permit free movement of the animals, exclusive of areas used for storage of materials or vehicles. The total area of all coops or cages on a lot shall not be greater than 32 square feet for up to five (5) animals. Coops and cages, singly or in combination, shall not exceed 10 feet in height.
    (4) Enclosures and Fences. Chickens and other birds shall have access to an outdoor enclosure adequately fenced or otherwise bounded to contain the birds on the property and to prevent access by dogs and other predators and providing at least ten (10) square feet of area for each bird.
    (b) In Non-Residential Districts. In zoning districts other than Residential Districts, all regulations applicable in Residential Districts shall apply except that the number of such animals shall be limited to one (1) animal for each 1,000 square feet of lot area. (Ord. 2-2013. Passed 7-1-13.)

    I am looking to get it changed to allow more animals per square feet and to change the setbacks to 8 feet instead of 20 feet, so that chickens are more accessible. Several lots on my street alone are not wide enough to allow them to have chickens, based on the 20 feet required by the city.

    Any advice would be welcome, I am working on putting together a petition to take to the council, I am just not very good at writing, and all the legal stuff is very overwhelming for me.

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