Getting Ready for Sussex Chickens


Aug 21, 2019
Central Utah @ 6000 ft elevation
Hi my name is Ruth. My two oldest daughters, 12 & 14 are getting ready to have chickens. We have decided on the Sussex breed because we think they are absolutely beautiful, I am excited about the egg production and my daughters want a relatively docile breed that they can train.
We are starting from scratch. We just moved to a rural area and haven't finished our yard yet. We each want our own breed so we are building 3 coops. I decided to join BYC to gain more info for the Buff Sussex, which seems rare to find hatching eggs. Also, I feel this could also be a great place to post our progress with our coops and our chicken raising. We have joined 4-H to make it a project and our goal is to raise each of our breeds (Light Sussex, Buff Sussex & Speckled Sussex) to show at our county and possibly our State Fair. We would love your support.

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