Getting ready for winter

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Jun 20, 2019
Sparta, TN
I live in Central Tennessee and Temps in winter is freezing or above with a few days below and sometimes in the teens. I have a 1/2 acre pond which did not freeze last winter. Their current duck house is 8'x8' shed with with three sides fence the back is enclosed. I am planning on using plywood to enclose all sides of the shed. The ducks are free range during the day and locked in the house at night. Any suggestions?
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I see the small enclosed space in your enclosure...that’s great. If it gets too frigid, they can huddle in there.

The plywood boards for winter are a good idea to keep drafts out, as long as they have enough ventilation.

I live in northeast Ohio, and our winters are REALLY cold...days, sometimes weeks of temps in the low teens. Ducks get bored, but they do just fine.
I think if you cut a few pieces of plywood and put them on the bottom 2 sections of the little house that would leave plenty of ventilation with the top ones still being open. It would make a good wind and rain break for them. Put it in with screws so you can take them off when the weather gets warmer next spring and store them for next year.

I used cardboard but where my pens are in under the cover of the barn so all I really needed it for was to break the wind a bit.

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