Getting the Young 'Uns to roost properly

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by pawsplus, Oct 5, 2011.

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    Per my recent update ( ), I've successfully (for now, anyway, until hormones kick in, LOL!) introduced the Young 'Uns (16 week old hen Audrey and roo Bianco) to the Oldsters (hens Clarice and Svetlana). They are getting along well out in their 10x20 run area and the Young 'Uns are now going into the coop on their own (after initial confusion of wanting to go back into the Mini Cooper (smaller coop they were using when the 2 pens were separate).

    BUT they won't roost! They were going up on 1-2 foot high roosts both in their quarantine dog crate and in the Mini Cooper, so they know that's what they should do, but they won't do it in the big coop. There is a slanted ladder, with the bottom roost only a little over a foot off the ground, but every evening when I go in, Clarice and Svet are up at the very top and the Young 'Uns are clustered around the man door waiting for me! I lift them up on the roosts and they stay there happily. But they won't do it on their own! I've tried waiting until my bedtime (10-ish), which is 2+ hours after they've cooped up, and they are STILL clustered around the door chattering and upset.

    What the heck?? Do I just keep putting them up there? Let them spend a few nights on the floor so they figure it out for themselves? I don't think Clarice, my alpha hen, is stopping them--she leaves them alone once they're up there and seems unconcerned. Help! [​IMG]
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    They'll figure it out on their own, in their own time.
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    I tried to put my White Leghorns up to roost at 6 weeks and they wouldn't stay, they kept coming back down and huddled by the door instead. Then we went away on vacation and came back to find them roosting on the upper area at night - they were 8 weeks old by then. Now they are up there every night along with the new chicks. The new chicks merged into the big coop at 6 weeks and stayed on the ground for just a few nights until they figured out where the upper roost was and how nice it was [​IMG] Now everyone is up at night - the babies on the left and the bigs on the right side. One big happy family. And I only need to scoop poop from one location in the day time - sweet!
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    Quote:Gotta agree, they will do it in their own time.

  5. pawsplus

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    It's just odd b/c they have been roosting on their own FOREVER! They were doing it at their old home when I picked them out, in their huge dog crate, and in the Mini Cooper. It's a mystery why they won't do it. Perhaps Clarice IS stopping them. I just figured she wasn't b/c she seems OK w/ it when I lift them up and put them in place (and they're still there in the a.m.).

    Maybe I should put in another roost on the other side, at least temporarily. If they were settling down on the floor it might be one thing, but they cluster around the door all upset. [​IMG]

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