Getuclu4u is me!


Apr 26, 2018
my real name is Brent and my wife, Mary and I live outside of Plain City, Ohio in Darby township. We started raising chickens with our neighbors this last March with 10 chickens, 1 Easter egger, 3 Brahmas’, 2 each of Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Reds and Plymouth Rocks. All are doing well and we get about 7 eggs a day. We started with a small coop designed for 10. 10 miniature chickens I think and we expanded to a summer chalet and a winter chalet with 2 runs for fun. We built our retirement, vacation home on a 1 1/2 wooded lot and enjoy cooking, bbq’ing, golfing and entertaining. We share our home with our 2 dogs and a cat and have 2 married daughters.

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