GGGGrrrrrrrrrrrr! Women are not all mechanically stupid!!!

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    Jun 17, 2010
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    Sorry I just need to rant and rave for a bit. I called the local hardware store. When the man answered I asked him, what is the cheapest thermostat that you have in stock? I said it doesn't matter if it is a hot water heater thermostat or a household heating/cooling thermostat. So he tells me to hang on a minute, in the background I hear him talking to another man saying this lady wants to know what our cheapest thermostat is. Then something is said a little quieter and they both laugh. The other man then picks up the phone and asks if he can help me. So I repeat I need to know what the cheapest thermostat you have in stock is. He said well what is it for? So I say I plan on building an incubator. I don't care if it is a household thermostat or a hot water heater thermostat. So he says to me hot water heaters don't have thermostats..............Seriously? So I say oh really then how do you regulate the temperature in one. So then he says you wouldn't be able to use one of those anyway. So I say yes I will I have the wiring diagram. So then he says well we don't stock them. Ok do you stock heater thermostats? Yes but what temperature do you need? 100 f well that won't work for you they only go up to 90f well we will find a diagram to adjust it to work as I have seen others that have used one. NO it won't work for you. You should just go and buy an incubator. The whole &^*^&*()& conversation with a condescending attitude towards me. I hate men that think all women are dumb. I have already built one homemade incubator that works very well and would like to finish my mini fridge bator so that I can do staggered hatches with a better hatch rate but now I will have to drive 30 minutes instead of 7 and wait 3 days until I can use the car instead of the truck.

    Sorry just needed to let off some steam, tried to complain to my fiance and he laughed. He said I will never change peoples views of me. I sound like a child on the phone and I am a small blond so I just have way to many strikes against me.
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    You have a right to be ticked off. I hate men that assume the person that they are talking to is stupid. I would complain to management, but I doubt that it would really make a difference. I have learned over the years, that I might just be a housewife, but I am not an average housewife.
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    Yeah, want to talk to me about putting in a carb kit, greasing bearings or changing heads? What about changing out the cam shaft or spider gear? Okay, I can't actually change out a cam or tear down a tranny to get to the spider gear but by golly I can do almost anything else in a car old enough to have those things that aren't computer operated. For years I carried a whole tool box around in my little Ford Pinto and put that thing back together more times than I can count so yeah, I get where you're coming from. I love baking, canning, and raising my kids. I can embroider with the best of them and make a meal out of anything but I know my way around mechanical stuff and love it that I can do those things too.
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    While I agree with the vibe that the OP got, I've received it a few too many times to count.....
    but maybe they really are just DUMB and don't think it can be done? LOL But of course, if it's a man talking and he doesn't know how to do something then it must not be possible [​IMG]
    They didn't really laugh at me, but I don't think the kid at the power tool counter really believed that I was buying the chainsaw for MYSELF to use. He asked if I was really gonna use it, and then his eyes got real big when I said yeah sure, but he didn't laugh or act cocky.
    Probably the best thing you can do is spend your money elsewhere, if there is anywhere else in your town. Like I said, the guy at the power equipment place didn't insult me, and the guy at the smaller family owned home improvement store talked to me like I was any other customer. It sounds like you were talking about a smallish type hardware store, and they might really miss your business. If it was a big box type place, well, just hope for another employee next time you go there coz they won't give a rat's about you shopping elsewhere.

    I had a girl at Lowes try to tell me that I could clean up linseed oil with "soap and water" because I said their price was too high for mineral spirits (it was cheaper at TSC) I just kinda rolled my eyes. She's giving us girls a bad rap that's fo sho!

    Just be sure to LAUGH YOUR BUTT OFF anytime you see a guy that wants help changing a tire or other "manly" chore. A little revenge is nice from time to time.
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    I used to have to fix stuff around my grain elevator and went to the hardware store to get something, bolts maybe ,and the line I got when I asked for them was, "What does HE want them for?" I was like, "WhaaaaaAAAAATTTT? Of course, some time later, in front of that same store, I got stuck stopped on a little hill in my BF's Fiat cuz I didn't know how to work a clutch on a hill and they had to come out and help me. No dignity in that situation at all..
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    Yep, I understand. Just like I can't stand it when women pull out the men stereotypes.

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    This is hilarious: When we went to pick out pain for living room we took the sample up to the lady to get it mixed for us. She looks at it doubtfully and then looks over at my very masculine husband and says "Does HE know this is PINK?" Uhhhhh YEAH, HE picked it out! I don't do decorating, HE does and HE chose a deep, deep rose for the wall of our living room.
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    Jun 17, 2010
    Western ny
    Yeah it was a very small town hardware store. I did say something about taking my business up to the city and he said I guess thats what you will have to do then. Jerks. I almost wanted to drive over there just to scream at them. It could have been that they were just dumb. Considering he told me that hot water heaters don't have thermostats its a high possibility. My fiance said the same thing they are dumb. Of course then he said something about trying to use an oven thermostat and reworking it. I was like you couldn't have saved me the high blood pressure and told me that hours ago. Of course then he realized what I actually wanted the thermostat for and got annoyed. Something like you are building another incubator? I said no technically I built a hatcher and now I want to build the incubator. I think I heard him roll his eyes over the phone. lol.

    I can do certain things with cars and yes the older they are the easier they are to work with. My 2003 is a pain in the rear end but the gas mileage it gets is mostly worth it. I love building stuff, its a fun hobby where as the house type stuff is work to me. Being a stay at home mom its nice to do something different sometimes. If something were to god forbid happen to my fiance at least I know I wouldn't be at the mercy of the type of people working in my local hardware store. Which is I think why my fiance wants to teach me everything he can. People around here would take advantage of your naivete in a heartbeat.
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