Giant African Dewlap Gander--will trade for (processed) turkey

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  1. DNA SEXED Giant Dewlap African Gander--broken bottom bill--but does not affect eating/grazing or breeding. He is 100% Holderread lines and pet/lower-end breeder-quality (due to no real dewlap and the broken bill). He has produced several offspring with the goose he's in with--so he's getting the "job done!" :)

    Sorry, he's too big to ship....but if you're local, I'd consider a trade for a small, processed Thanksgiving turkey (around 10lbs).
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  2. He is still available. The price I'm asking is VERY flexible. A good home is the most important thing to me. He's a real sweetheart and loves "pets" and attention. I just don't have the space or need for two ganders with one goose. Make me an offer. I will also consider some trades or partial trades....just ask!
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  3. Please note: I also have a pair of breeder/show quality Giant African Dewlaps for sale. I'm asking $100 OBO for that pair.
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