Giant Black Cochin Cockeral from Exhibition Line for sale 5 months

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    Please do not hit the Buy it Now, I have this guy listed in multiple places and he will go to the first serious party. Please email or PM if interested. I will close this listing if he is no longer available.


    The beauty was included as one of three bonus eggs in one of my egg orders this spring from JamesA. I was told these were exhibition line Giant Cochins. We thought this gorgeous bird was a hen, until he crowed this morning and we are sorely dissappointed. :-( We have roo's coming out of our ears so he has to go. He has big beautiful doe like eyes, and is gentle as can be, even though he is Ginormous!!! The feathers on his legs are full and amazing. The green sheen on his feathers has been showing for awhile.

    Sorry I do not have better photo's, he jumped off the roost two days ago and banged his leg on a lower roost so we have him in isolation to rest it up. It is not broken, just bruised and sore. We've wrapped it in purple vet tape and he is getting spoiled big time!

    This is pick up only, I will not ship. We live in Monroe, and are extemely busy at Fair this week, but please email or PM if interested and I will get back to you.

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