giant canadas and egyptians? with black necked swans


11 Years
Jul 19, 2008
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My Coop
Hey there, i have not seen anyone eles who keeps black-necked swans? They are not large like other swans. They do not do well with mute swans. Unlike black swans they cant seem to hold mute swans off. Black swans know how to handle mutes. On my parent's lake they wanted white Egyptians. They have Chinese geese. Giant Canadas. black-necked swans.

Anyone else kept any of these guys? I have read horror stories regarding Egyptians. But i have also seen a single gander canada goose beat a pair of Egyptian silly that tried to go near his nest. They fled in terror. It takes a hell of a strong bird to do that. Black-necked swans I never seen in any confrontations.


Feb 19, 2019
Commerce, Texas
Egyptians are usually pretty obnoxious when they are paired and breeding from everything I've read and seen, although I've never personally kept them. There is a single here at the university that co-mingles with the Muscovies and other domestics on the lake. If the body of water is large enough I suppose you could try it, but I'd have another option as a back up.
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