Giant/Leghorn, Giant/RIR Meat Cockerels - East Tennessee FREE

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    I have 9 Giant/Leghorn and 2 Giant/RIR cockerels that I need to get moved. They are about 6-7 weeks old now.....and are close in size to my 11 week old RIR pullets.

    The Giant/Leghorn crosses are white, some with a few barred feathers here and there. The Giant/Rir crosses are black, with some reddish feathers leaking through.

    These are FREE but would need to be picked up in Lenoir City, Loudon, Sweetwater or Farragut. I could meet farther away, but would have to charge for time and gas.

    These chicks should be good for meat in another month or two. They appear to be a great dual purpose cross.

    I also have pullets of same age and cross (females leghorn crosses are white with black feathers, similar to California Leghorn, female RIR crosses are same as males, black with some red leakage), for sale if you want a nice laying flock. My Leghorns and RIR are great layers. My Giant Rooster is huge and a great flock protector without being overly aggressive towards humans. He is gentle with the girls, regardless of size.

    If someone was looking for a nice rooster for a laying flock, these boys would be fine for that as well.

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