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    I have 5 Jersey Giant/White Leghorn cross pullets that are approximately 17 weeks old. My White leghorn pullets started laying at approx 19-21 weeks old, so I expect these may start laying in the next month or so and definitely by early spring. These girls are already the size of my full grown leghorn hens, have the typical light mediteranean body type, and have been foraging in the yard for weeks.

    Each bird has varying degrees of black feathers mixed through the white, and dark legs. They are flighty as is typical with Leghorn types, but should be EXCELLENT layers. The white leghorns that are the 'moms' of these give me an egg a day faithfully, even in the low teens midwinter, with no added light or heat. Great layers.

    These will be pickup only, in Lenoir City or Loudon. Do not hit Buy it Now, please PM me.

    1 of these chickens had an injured eye and I believe is blind in that eye now......I will keep her if nobody is interested. Shouldn't affect her laying at all [​IMG]

    Here are pictures from a month or two ago:

    They are now on free choice layer crumble and pellets, scratch in the AM, plus any kitchen scraps. They range on a half acre during the day, so have some greens and bugs if they can find them.


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