Giant Non Double Yolked egg

Sep 27, 2017
So we have an ISA brown that began laying over 2 weeks ago. In her first week, she laid a huge egg, that I figured would be a double yolker. We recorded the cracking and it was just that. So yesterday when we see the ISA Brown laid yet another giant egg, I assumed the same. This morning I cracked it into the pan for eggs over easy for the kids and rather then it being a double yolk it was literally just a humongous egg and yolk. Is this just a normal thing for new layers, like a fluke of the process?
Giant Egg1.jpg
Giant egg.jpg
My RIR’s always lay huge eggs like that. I think some breeds are just big egg layers. Scary tho, because the only issues I’ve had with laying have been the giant egg layers. I would suggest maintaining a very consistent diet for that hen. You don’t want to start having issues with her becoming egg bound etc (which happened to one of mine when I upped the protein in their feed when they were sick one time.) Nightmare! Until then just enjoy the giant eggs that barely fit in a standard carton! How cool is that!?

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