Giant rooster versus Pygmy goat

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    Ok, my goat Gandalf figured out how to unlock the chicken coop and unlatch the lock. He then opened the door and climbed in with the chickens. If you remember, Gandalf had a relationship thing with Pippi the tiny hen. Well, I guess he was a little jealous of Pippi and Blackie. Well, inside the coop, it was on. Blackie and Gandalf went a few rounds before I could get out there and unlock the coop which has a door that self locks which meant One Pygmy goat, one giant rooster, a three little hens were all locked in the coop together. I get there and believe it or not all were fine with only minimal injury to Blackie. And injury wasn't from the goat. Blackie apparently caught his comb in the chicken wire and gave himself a nasty boo boo. I looked him over good. Washed the boo boo and covered it good with neosporin. Now I want to know if anyone else has had a rooster with boo boo comb. I want to make sure he doesn't get infected. What should I watch for? Is there anything I should give him? I really love this chicken. He's not just a chicken to me he's my feathered little boy!
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    No need to do anything else, neosporin will take care of it.
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