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  1. So this is a supernatural rp, Supernatural as in what some people call fantasy but i call it supernatural, supernaturals can consist of any creature possible. This idea and main format is mad eby Emeraldstar :)

    You are gifted. Not in the oh every person in the world has a gift in some way or another. No, you are literally gifted with a power(s) and you aren't alone, everybody here is just like you. But yes there are some humans but after a long war we have come to peace with one another. Even though we ( the supernaturals) were winning we never intended on fighting in the first place, we are peaceful, well some of us.... The werewolves and werecats seem to be a bit.... impulsive. But here is where you can live a great and happy life.


    The town is called Emeraldville, and no it doesn't truly have anything to do with emeralds, there is an abandoned mine but that was way back in the 1700s, Emeraldville is located in Maine. we have beautiful coast lines rocky and sandy, peaceful forest, and a nice town with stores and diners and all that. We live where humans and Supernaturals get along, even though sometimes there are some squabbles but thats mainly from outsiders coming into our town.

    The supernaturals:

    Characters who have no magical powers, they’re just the people who are…normal. They can have special skill sets, but nothing supernatural.


    Characters that are derived from two different species such as: VampireXMorpher, WerewolfXVampire(abomination), Demi-GodXMythical-creature, and many others. These creatures share powers from both parents and certain characteristics. For example an Abomination would be a Vampire who can turn into a Werewolf, would be taller than the average Werewolf, have either a venomous bite or saliva, no humanity, and be faster and stronger than both of its parents. Hybrids can also include a supernatural creature mixed with a human, or a Fallen Angel and an Angel. You will need to give these creatures at least one negative ability or fault in order to balance out their unnatural abilities. And by unnatural I mean more so than the average supernatural. (If you have any questions on whether your character fits in this description or not just ask me.)


    Same as the characters in the Percy Jackson books, except that these can be children from any folklore, legend, or myth: as long as they are a God or Goddess.


    Just your average magical human: can do spells, make potions, etc. You can make this species however you desire as I’m not to familiar with their characteristics.


    Mermaids are a cross between H2O(mostly) with a few characteristics of the sirens from the Pirates movie. They can have any tail color, have retractable fangs (looks just like those from the Pirate movie) which are easily noticed when angered, and their song can counteract the effects of the Sirens song, unlike the H2O series, mermaids can’t draw power from the moon. Mermaids mostly stay in the water but they can turn human and venture onto the land. Sirens, the cousins of mermaids; on the other hand are like those from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, except that they can not turn human as when their scales dry they die, they have the ability to lure any human and some mythical creatures into the water. They need to hunt and take their preys last breath in order to live, it is like their food to an extent. Sirens are mostly found in the deeper parts of the water but occasionally do swim to the shore if looking for a meal.


    Angels and Fallens are children from a Goddess and a God. They have angelic and divine features with wings twice the size of their bodies. For angels they have solid White, Silver, light Gold, or light blue wings: or they can have white and silver, silver and light blue, white and light blue, etc. Mixed angels such as hybrids or not pure angels may have other wing colors, Fallens on the other hand have the option of having Raven Black with Red, Silver, or Dark Blue accent feathers. These creatures can hold both light or dark powers and they do not have to be evil just because they fell, however they usually have darker personalities and powers.


    Demons have human features when on the human plane but the do have a devil/demonic form that they can easily shift in and out of. You can have fun with this one and make it as original or unique as you desire because these creatures have a wide range of characteristics.


    Fey are elemental Faerie (fairy) creatures with wings, and the height of a smaller than average human, though there are a few tall faeries. Faeries can control one of any of the nature like elements and usually look very similar to their powers. For instance an Ice fey would look as if she is covered in frostbite, a water fey will have a slight dewey and transparency to herself, Earth fey tend to have whatever plant they are named after growing on them like Ivy vines or tulips, thorns, etc, and so on. If you want more detail on a specific type of faerie just ask me. The nature elements include Night(Rare), Day, Water, Ice, Fire, light, dark(evil), Earth, Nature(Rare), lightning, air, etc. They major weakness is steel as it can make them very sick and or kill them.


    These creatures look similar to their cousins the Faeries except their ears are far more pointier, they do not have wings, and the usually lack the ability to control elements though some do have the power to manipulate certain elements. They are usually very skilled in certain weapons or powers and are known to look almost perfect. They look very similar to those from Lord of the Rings. They have a royal family and tend to have a more medieval look and morals.


    Morphers are creatures that can morph into any animal that they choose to be at anytime, unlike shape shifters who have only one animal form. Many morphers have elemental abilities such as Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Spirit. These elements carry into their animal forms and they can turn into an elemental animal like a Fire Wolf, Ice Bird, Earth Horse, etc. Morphers usually have one fur or animal color that is predominant through all their animal forms. For instance Emerald- she is all white with green eyes, so her bird form, wolf, cat, snake, etc form will be white with green eyes. The fact that they can turn into ANY creature at ANY time separates them from their lesser shape-shifter cousins.


    Unlike their cousins the Morpher, Shapes-Shifters have only one form they can turn into, like a cat, or a wolf(slightly smaller than average wolves), or a snake, even birds. Basically they have one animal form and one human form, and are not able to manipulate the elements but can a special power or skill.


    These creatures are usually pale, beautiful, and exotic. They have a dangerous and mysterious aura that surrounds them. Vampires have retractable fangs that are very noticeable if angered, long nails, near undisruptive skin, ageless, and have to drink blood to live. They have the option of drinking either human blood (Newborns, red eyes) or animal blood (have a more enhanced eye color similar to that of their previous mortal eyes.) vampires are gifted with great speed, strength, smell, taste, hearing, and night vision and one to two special abilities or powers. They can be killed but it is almost impossible to as they need to be burned to death in order to not revive themselves or they need to be starved to death.


    Werewolves can freely morph in and out of their wolf form when they want to, but on the full moon they turn into the stereotypical bloodthirsty Werewolf. Their natural wolf form is that of a taller than average wolf with advanced abilities in both strength and speed.


    Were-cats are just like werewolves but they lose control during the harvest moons, and new moons.


    Fey are pretty much the mothers of all species, they have the widest range of powers than any other species, the Supernaturals fell off the fey tree, except angels demons and elementals, but they are related, Fey are a very endangered species so you have to ask before you can make one so :( but anyway they can have wings, any kind of wings, including angel wings demon wings doesn't matter, but they can also have farie wings so ya know your choice. But they can have shapeshifting powers elemental powers, etc.


    Okay so basically if your character was bitten by a radioactive spider, fell out of the sky, or is a mythical creature who does not fit the species list then they go here. You can be as creative as you want or pull from a folklore or supernatural being that’s not listed here. The only creature that does not belong here is anything that is half of two different species, as that would make it a hybrid and therefore belong in the Hybrid section. If you have any questions just ask me. Seriously have fun and get creative, it makes my life more enjoyable!


    I really don't care about rules...
    just follow forum rules and you'll be fine
    This rp is PG-13 so just a warning All content should be suitable for ALL ages. ~Staff
    As soon as i approve your charrie then you may rp , even if i'm not here [​IMG]

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  2. Name-Nike Gold
    Gender- Girl
    Species: Angel, nature fey hybrid
    Age- 17
    Skills/Powers- control of light and the four elements, can hide her wings by absorbing them into her body but it hurts her really bad every time to where she can't move for a while. can talk to animals
    (Person/human) Description- Nike has long dark black hair that falls to her lower back. Nike has sky blue eyes with gold rings around her pupils. Nike has full red lips, broad eyelashes and great complexion so no need for makeup. She has a golden tan skin tone due to her greek heritage. She is tall standing at 5'10. She has large grey/blue angel wings with little spikes on the top. Each wing is 9 ft so that makes a 18 foot wingspan. So she's a good flyer. Nike is resourceful and clever. Nike is not like most girls she loves mud, and being out in the rain for no reason. She respects all nature and thinks everything has a life for a reason. She's kinda like a hippie but not like an extreme commune hippie. She just loves nature. Nike usually wears an off the shoulder long sleeve white blouse with two slits cut in the back of it for her wings with short jean shorts and an emerald pendulum, She can't touch iron, it burns her,
    *Partner/Spouse/Crush- looking for someone
    *History- from a small town in Louisiana located in the bayou
    *Other- no other




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    (Lol! I am so joining but I have to go so I will later,later awesome :frow)
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    Age:I think 20
    Skills/powers:can read your mind
    Partner/Spouse/crush:a really annoying emotionless girl
    History:very good looking

    I'm so kidding my real form will be up later :D
  5. ok, if o didn't see the spoiler i would think u were serious
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    Hey dork did you read the spoiler :plbb just messing with you ;)
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    Lol :lau I was so joking oh my gosh like I would put that for his history in stuff oh my gosh :lau
  8. lols [​IMG]
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    (Oh my gosh am I excited to role play :celebrate)

    Name:Zachary Zamora Zurich (no one knows his full name they just call him Zack)

    Gender: male


    Age:17(well really like 300)

    Skills/Powers:can cause instant pain to the point of where you can't even talk and animals naturally feel safe around him

    Description:black,shortish hair that flows with him,brown eyes when he's in his more human look when angered blood red,very pale of course and pretty tall like 6'2''


    History:he's killed a lot of people for he truly hates them and he refuses to drink the blood of an animal for he loves them as they do with him oh and he loves the rain and is almost always lurking in a rainy,foggy,forest


    (I'll make more forms I just like to do it one at a time :) )
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  10. rp?)
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