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    so i found some great things that you can get for others.

    This site you can but animals for people in3rd world countries. I am gonna do a flock of chickens

    This site gives back to the hungry

    And this donates a pair of shoes for everyone bought

    For the Beauty Fanatic: Lush Charity Pot
    Lush's hand and body lotion .100 percent after taxes—go to the organization featured on the lid of each pot. WaterCan, TreePeople, Amazon Conservation Team and International Fund for Animal Welfare are only a few available at

    Last Minute:,
    Click, click, done. Two organizations simplify making a difference around the world. Oxfam's gift site, , offers more than 60 charitable donations, including a pair of sheep ($90) that allow women to generate their own income by making textiles, a small-business fund to help get entrepreneurs started ($100), and a veterinarian's field kit ($35). Products are organized by price, with a 37 options under $50, and recipients receive a card explaining what the donation will provide. coordinates donations to more than 200 aid organizations, including East Meets West, Helen Keller International, and more.
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