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Dec 2, 2018
Hatboro PA
My Coop
My Coop
Hey guys!!! Everything is going so great, I couldn’t be happier!!!!

Gil is doing great with the ducklings, they like to follow her like she’s momma duck. She gets a little fed up with being followed around but she’s pretty good at ditching them when she needs a breather.

The ducklings have been living outside day and night. Their pens almost done being built and at night I usually lock them in the garage for now. A couple nights I couldn’t get them out from under the deck because it was raining and they spent the night fine. Predators aren’t as big of a deal since the backyard is kind of surrounded with 4 others backyard and lots of fences. It would be hard for a fox or hawk to get here really. Either way, pen will be done soon and they’ll be locked up at night. It just needs the last bit of hardware cloth secured, the door added and the roof. Then I’m going to stick a small duck house in there to double lock them in at night and give them a shelter. They’re soooooo cute, they just sprint over to everyone in my backyard and hangout. They don’t love to be touch but I can grab them when I need to. They enjoy company and hand feedings a lot though!!

I NEED HELP THOUGH, WHAT ARE THE BREEDS???? Silver appleyard and ... ? The bigger one always looks like something different! I’m not sure if you can tell in the pics, but the bigger one still has a line that is a little lighter than their color going under each of its eyes. That’s makes me question saxony???

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