Gillian Barre Syndrome (GBS) anyone?


7 Years
Sep 13, 2012
Back in April 2011 was when i was first diagnose with GBS. It started as being very fatigue for a couple of weeks. First started with the legs being very weak and being off balance. Where bending over means almost falling forward, so I had to catch myself all the time. Then came the arms and always being exhausted easily. This went on for about 2 weeks and i didn't know what was going on so i never went to the Dr. for a check up. Just thought i was over working my self. Then one morning i was so tired that i couldn't get up so i had to called my younger brother to help me get up and get dress. After getting dress i had to use the bathroom but it was so hard walking to the bathroom that i trip and feel in the hall way and had to yell for help. After using the bathroom I manage to stumble out of the bathroom with the help of leaning against the wall and i made my way to the couch. There I knew something must be wrong so i called in to get work off that day. At first i was sitting on the edge of the couch then all of a sudden i just fell over face flat on the couch while sitting and tried to get back up but found it excruciatingly hard to even push up to try and sit so i just lay there and re adjust my position so so i could lay more comfortably. Then my mom came home from work and see me laying there and ask me why i'm not going to work since i'm already 15 mins late. I just laid there and i told her that i'm too weak too get up so she thought i was pretending and i didn't want to go to work that's why i'm pretending to lay there. So she tried to help sit me up but as soon as she lets go i fell over. Did this for 3 times and every time i just fell over then she start getting worry and after talking to my brother that i was not pretending and they decided that i need to go to the ER. So after 10 mins my moms get ready and we left for the ER. When we got there i was so weak that i couldn't even walk and get out of the car so some one had to bring a wheelchair and wheel me in. After getting into the ER i was awake for about 30 mins, I heard the Dr. and my mom talking then i passed out. When i woke up it was already a month later. I had fallen into a coma after i passed out, 2nd day there and i still wasn't awake so the Dr. decided to put me in a medically induce coma so i will be safer. I had all kinds of tube sticking out of my arms, nose, and neck. During my passing out i had stop breathing and my lungs had collapse so they had to perform an emergency tracheostomy to put a tube in my neck to help me breathe and put me on a ventilator machine. When i woke up a month later in the ICU, I realize that i was paralyze from the neck down, i couldn't talk either. All I could do was blink my eyes and move my head side to side. It was so difficult during this time, i was in the ICU unit for 2 months before being transferred to the regular rooms. I couldn't move so everything was so frustrating, I couldn't tell the nurse and staff what i wanted. This went on for another 2 months before I started to begin having some feeling in my arms, my legs took a lot longer another 2 months. After i started to have feelings in my legs again i started to talk but baby talk. From there on i started slowly progressing from moving arms in circle, walking with help, speaking in short sentences. All these were only happening because i started rehab program for speech and physical therapy. I had therapy for 3 months before i was determine strong enough to go home. Today i still do some of the therapies at home but i'm walking and talking a lot better but still not 100% back to normal, the Dr. said some people will recover fully some just 50%, but as for me since i was sick for so long it will take 2-3 years before i'm fully recover. I still can't work yet and the sad thing is that i'm now consider a disable person
( only 23 years old too). So anyone had this experience before? or know some one that did, please share.

Sorry excuse me for the long and non-comprehensive and un-organize story, my motor skill isn't back to par yet

P.S. i was there for 8 months April-December 2011
p.s.s GBS is an auto-immune disease that attack your nervous system, which cause your muscle to go weak(sorry not sure if I explain correctly as I'm still learning about GBS, but the link will explain)

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