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Nov 9, 2010
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...home-remedy helps.

I'm asking for ideas or things you know of because I want to possibly assist in helping clear up and easing the condition (and pain) of Pleurisy. I've been fairly ill for a while now, and the ER docs have me on the regular meds for a lung infection and pain and so forth with this last round, so don't worry, I won't do anything that interferes with docs orders.

If mommy was alive I know she'd know of some poultice or something that could help speed healing...eye of a bat and mark an X in a tree and all of that stuff, lol. J/K. I don't cotton to none of that, but what home-remedy things do you do that helps illnesses in general?

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My husband had Pertussis (Whooping Cough) this past winter/spring and I bought some essential oils for him to use as a vapor. A couple times a day we would boil some water, pour it into a bowl, then shake some of the oil on the hot water. He would throw a towel over his head and lower his face right into the vapor. It made him cough like a fiend at first, but I believe it helped him to get over the infection faster. The oils I got were Rosemary and Eucalyptus, but you can tailor the oils to your own needs. If you go to a health food store, they'll have little booklets by the essential oils which tell you what each does and is good for.
Mint, especially one of the stronger smelling mints (pepper mints and spear mints are usually pretty easy to find and are pretty fragrant) and eucalyptus is what I use. Do what country goddess said about the bowl and towel. Oils, leaves, or even a strong tea from the store can work. There is a type of echinatia tea sold in walmart and Kroger's around here, that has eucalyptus and mint and i have used that in a pinch, but it is not as strong smelling since it is meant to drink.

If you prefer something else, try a hot steamy shower, with a strong smelling mint/eucalyptus body wash. Breath deep the rising steam and the fumes that come from what ever you have in there with you They usually advertise them at stores as " invigorating" body washes to wake you up in the morning. They'll also clear up that congestion fast.

Local health food or herb stores should carry the mint and eucalyptus leaves though.

Some people enjoy lavender (which is soothing and great for some congestion depending on the type), clary sage (which is more on the relaxing side but i like the smell and mix it with the others)

Also try lemon water. Vitamin C helps ease congestion and gives your immune systems a boost

Vicks vapor rub (or other brands including organic types of chest rubs) helps a lot. All it pretty much is is Vaseline with lots of strong mint in it.
I appreciate all this great information and for taking the time to help...thanks so very much!
I wasn't able to post til now because sadly DD has been in and out of the ER and now has to have emergency surgery this week. I have to be able to be there for her so I'm praying these home-helps will help facilitate that.

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