GIMP Club- Novices and Experts welcome! Only Animals please!

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  1. I don't draw much in gimp, I mostly play around with photos. I just enhanced this photo with gimp to make it look nicer. [​IMG]
    Here is a fun effect I did of the dog.[​IMG]
    I will be happy to try and answer any gimp question anyone has.
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    I would definitely be interested in answering any questions you have on how to use GIMP.
    Here are some tips:
    1. I use "LAYERS" and once you see how easy it is to use, you will too! If it is not already up, type alt/"L" (altogether) and a simplified
    "LAYER" box will appear. Then you can click on a new layer to work on and go back and forth to different layers. (To add a new layer, click
    on the little box at the bottom left.) This makes is really easy to make changes without having to erase a lot. You can then MERGE them
    together (look under Layers), or just save as a .png file and it will merge for you. You can save the whole file with layers intact as a .xcf file.
    When you re-open the file, the layers will all still be there.
    2. I am also a big fan of the "By-Color-Select" tool (the "red-green-blue boxes in a row" tool - you can use it to select a specific color and it will
    delete all of that color anywhere in the picture, so that you end up with a transparent background),
    3. "Hue Saturation" (look under "colors" at the top of the window you are working on) - change the colors you have used to find other color-ways
    or fine-tune the ones you have.
    4. "Fuzzy select" (same as color selector, but will only highlight the color in the area you are working on).
    5. "FILTERS" - Gaussian Blur - helps blend areas together (free select around the area and use GaussBlur at 1 or 2)
    6. "Light & Shadow": Drop Shadow. Play around with the numbers and see the cool effects that the drop shadow gives you.
    5. "Bucket fill" to fill in any area already blocked by lines, or that you have surrounded with the "Free Select".
    6. Another fun tool to use is the CLONE tool - it will copy any area on the picture and reproduce it where you want it. (A good tool for fixing
    damaged areas of a scan, by the way). Select the tool, then click where you want to "clone" holding down the control key, and then draw!
    7. One of the best things you can do for your sanity is to use the keyboard shortcuts! If you click on "EDIT" and then go to "KEYBOARD
    SHORTCUTS" a window will open with all of the tools etc, with keyboard strokes for each. You can turn on the ones that you use often
    and customize them to keys that make sense to you. For example, I use "H" for Hue Saturation, "S" for "Scale" (change size of file"),
    "E" for Erasure, "R" for rectangle select, "F" for "Free select, etc.
    8. Oh and of course there is always "Copy and Paste": "c" for cut and "v" for paste. You can surround what you want to "cut" with the rectangle,
    circle, or free "select" tools.

    Hope that helps a bit!
  3. Hang on a bit while I pull up gimp and I can make a screen cap to show you how to have a transparent background.
    Also, I will suggest going to and going through the beginner/essential tutorials. You can lurk or join, as you wish, but they have really impressive Gimpers there whose work will blow you away. But I am ahead of myself, the essential tutorials will teach you a lot of how to get going in Gimp.
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  4. Hope this helps. Hopefully it will enlarge when you clic on the graphic!

    p.s. here is a link to the GimpChat essential tutorials...I really think it helps to run through them to get a good feel of the basics of Gimp.
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  5. Layers rock!!!!!
    I suck at drawing, especially with a mouse. If you are artistic, you can get good art brushes for gimp.
  6. They are good, you should try out some different brushes
  7. Nice. I find the airbrush hard to control.
  8. Now that you use layers, have you checked out layer masks? I use them quite a bit.
  9. I haven't posted any pictures because I haven't worked on any animal photos. But if you want to know how to do something, ask away.
  10. Ok, no problem, it's actually simple. Easiest way is to just adjust the opacity but nicer ones can be done. When I go up to the computer in a bit, I will post a link to some great little video tutorials. They are several years old but are basic enough that the instructions should be fine.

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