Gimpy chick! What's her fate? (pics)

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by youngjedi32002, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Last Thursday we were pretty sad because that was day 21 for our clutch of 10 eggs in the incubator and nothing happened, not a tap or a pip or a roll or anything! We had pretty good luck with the home made incubator, the heat and humidity were pretty consistent and stayed at a good level. I candled a couple of times during the process and, though I couldn't see terribly well, it seemed like things were going well with most of them. (There were a couple that looked all speckled when I candled, but only 2 looked that way, the rest had the air bubble at the end. Or so I thought!) I figured I would give them a little more time, since these eggs were supposed to be my 9 year old son's chicks and I really wanted to give them a chance! Well, Friday, just as my son was coming home from school, we got a pip! He got to watch the whole process and was thrilled to have a chick. She (I hope it's a she!) is the only one! Unfortunately, this chick has a bum leg. This is her and she isn't holding the leg up, it is growing that way, sort of bent out:


    The leg sticks out at a funny angle and she doesn't really use it to walk. She kind of hops on the good leg and uses the bad one to balance. She can lean it down and when she sits, it is folded very nicely. She can get around just fine though! Quite a character and feisty as all get out! I bought two other chicks at a poultry show so she would have some company. They are all getting along just fine, she is eating and drinking and seems to be thriving despite her birth defect. What is her fate, I wonder? She had such a will to live, I can't cull her! She was the only hatch and she is just working so hard at surviving! I really admire her spirit! (My son named her Eowyn, from Lord of The Rings, the niece of the King who disguised herself as a man and fought in the war. She has that kind of spirit!) But, being realistic, what are her chances? I have heard of hens who just sit around a lot, some with ailments and some not, that do fine and live comfortable enough lives. Here is a better look at her leg:


    It has a little rubbing on that "elbow" part but no blood or abrasions, just a sort of callous. Any thoughts? Any suggestions?
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    Ordinarily I'd cull such a chick if I had hatched it.

    But seeing as how it was the only one that hatched, it's your son's birds, and he's named it Eowyn it seems to me that the decision has already been made! Let it be a learning experience for him.

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