Gingko Biloba for Turkeys???


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Oct 19, 2008
Houston Area, Texas
I was wondering if anyone's had any success in giving vitamins like gingko biloba to their fowl to improve brain function just a bit. I plan on trying it as a little experiment, I just need to make sure it won't kill my cute little babies.


Also, does anyone else use any homemade vitamin concotions for their birds?

Glenda L Heywood

10 Years
Apr 11, 2009
gonko is for blood flow so don't make it so they if getting a cut will bleed to death
also the best additive for birds is using apple cider vinegar for their good gut flora

also for turkeys use 3 tbsp of cayenne pepper to gallon of feed for the warding off blackhead disease

good high protein turkey feed is mostimportant for their good health
you might try this url to study turkey diseases

Poultry Diseases Guide - Disease information from The Poultry Site This area of lists over 140 poultry diseases / conditions in .... Turkey Viral Hepatitis · Goose Parvovirus (Derzsy's Disease) ... - Cached - Similar pages

any questions email me

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