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Apr 21, 2014
I'm new to raising chickens and I bought 6 chicks from my local farm store in PA. I was told all 6 of them were pullets, but when I posted a photo of her yesterday, a few people seemed to think she may be a roo. I'm really hoping she's a girl. "She" is a 7 week old Silver Laced Wyandotte. I have two SLW's and they have looked the same up until the past week or so. Their coloring and feathers look very similar. Here's some photos, please let me know what you think. And is there any way for me to tell by looking at her closer? Thanks in advance!

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Looks like a roo, yeah. This was my Gold Laced Wyandotte at 19 weeks with smaller, pinker wattles than your 7 week old SLW, you can barely just see her tiny wattle growths. And with a much lighter pink comb.


She's at 27 weeks now and I think her wattles may *just* be the same size as this 7 week old, but not as red. Combs and wattles don't usually turn red on a pullet until they're just about ready to start laying. Depending on the breed and the individual, this could be anywhere between 21 weeks and 30+ weeks. One BYC user with a GLW didn't have it start laying until 40 weeks, the Wyandottes aren't known to be fast developers...but until then, they stay a light baby-ish pink.
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Oh yes, that's a cockerel! The comb is well developed already and those white patchmarks on the wing are masculine.

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