girls are laying down

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    Jul 12, 2008
    I have noticed that my girls all about 15 to 16 weeks olds have been just like sitting down alot
    when i let them out they free range most of the time and I always see them walking around but as of late they do a lot of sitting there faces are a dark pink not red like I have been reading here as a tell tale sign they are ready to lay I am in the middle of building them a new coop should I speed this along, also I have the nest box blocked off in the old coop should I open this up are we getting close to egg day.
    when it is warm outside they will go under the brushes but have always been standing not sitting all the time, when they are up they are active so I'm sure they feel fine,
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    Apr 27, 2008
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    Quote:Yes , open the area up . They are preparing to lay . They will be spending more time around the nesting boxes ( as in checking them out ) put 2 golf balls inside of the nests and they will know thats where they will be laying .
    And yes , I would speed up the coop and get it totally ready for the coming event .
    I have several different ages of pullets/hens and several have just started laying . They follow the older layers and learn from them .

    I use these for nesting boxes and 1/2 fill them with pine shavings and put 2 golfballs inside of each . I keep them all in upright positions . they are always clean and no poop inside .

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