Girls first snow experience (lots of photos)

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    Oct 30, 2011
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    We got our girls at two weeks old in the first week of March this year. They had never seen snow before, I did not let them out for the 3 days after a pretty big snow. First few steps were very tentative. They are so amazing, after an hour they were all over the yard. In a few more hours they were digging like little backhoes and seemed to come up with some worms. I am always amazed at how fast they adapt to new situations.

    Backhoes in action

    Snow fell off coop roof today

    Birds, bees and dogs. My dog sleeps on the sofa, has never used her dog house

    Her name is Trouble, she is always the first to try anything

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    [​IMG] they look like they're enjoying it, only two of my hens have ever seen snow

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