girls getting older, hen peckin the younger ones????

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  1. ok, 4 April born chixs. 2White Cochings, 1 EE, 1 GLW. all same age. the last of the 4 (my EE) just started laying. the EE and GLW are starting to peck at the Cochins

    the EE and 2 Cochins have been the best of friends forever. the GLW went her way when she started laying. Now the EE started to lay and when they roost, the EE kinda picks the Cochins. Nothing to serious, just a 'hey i am here and i rule' that is fine, i can handle that. The Cochins just look at her like she is retarded.

    The GLW gets really downright nasty with the Cochins sometimes. Grabs on to their feathers or their combs and pulls. She does not do this to any of my other older girls. and the Cochins will not fight back or defend themselves or anything.

    Do I need to worry? My Cochins are such sweet hearts. I Dont want to see them hurt or bullied. is this normal? will it go away maybe? It's not pecking order i dont think either.

    Maybe I just have a mean hen that needs rehomed? She is sweet to me, jumps on my back, is good with the other 8 hens, good with my roo, etc.
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    You can try separating her from them for about a week. This should reset the pecking order and she'll have to start over from the bottom. Sometimes that works, but if she's just mean, she might work her way back up and resume being the same way. Otherwise, rehoming or more drastic measures are the only options if you want a peaceful flock.

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