girls have changed coops

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    My new girls this year got their own new coop and the older 2 hens had theirs. They went into their respective homes regularly until about a month ago. Now some of the new ones have moved into the older coop.

    Now I've got 7 in the newer, larger and nicer coop and 6 in the smaller, older one. Any idea why they change their sleeping quarters?

    Comically, one of the ISA browns, who was first to move, now rushes over to her old house in the morning to lay. She tries to get in while the others are coming out. You'd think she'd either change laying spot or sleeping spot to make life easier.

    Any ideas?
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    Fickleness. They sometimes enjoy a change. But usually it's where they choose to lay eggs.

    The only change I have had with my flock was one hen got tired of being beat up at roosting time and went to roost with the rooster in his quarters. She slept there for several weeks, then decided to move back in with the girls.

    Recently I raised six new chicks and they have their own coop but have access to the other coop with fourteen hens if they choose. It wouldn't surprise me at some point to find one or two in with the older girls.

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