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  1. Hi! I'm SweetCitrine, jugding by my name you probably know I'm a girl, I am short for my age, and get picked on a lot so I just write and read a lot, writing is tiring but I have learned to get used to it, so I decided to make an online journal for EVERYONE! None of my feelings are private, just whatever feels private to you is private have fun!!! this is basically an announcement thread so enjoy!

    1.Please be about 10 or older to join, because all girls have the right to talk.....personally if they please! C:
    2.I know rule 1 says you can talk personally just not too personal, I mean you could be lying about your age XD nothing to bad no above PG-13 talk C:
    3.All BYC rules apply
    4.HAVE FUN!!

  2. 11/18/14

    So hello, I am as you know SweetCitrine and I am just going to announce HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! I love thanksgiving! all the food (Especially the food [​IMG]) and family everyone gets together to share what has happened! I hope you get what you've been waiting for all year HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!


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