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Jun 3, 2010
My 6 girls are 9 weeks today. Housed them up until 7 weeks in a large cardboard box with a roosting bar since week 3. They were all doing fine going to bed on the bar. At week 7 I moved them to a large coop with a roost approx 16 inches in the air. At first they all seemed to have made the transition well. Couple days layer I notice they're all laying around in the bedding instead. I lower the bar to around 9 inches. still prefer the bedding. Am trying to figure out why they arent roosting at night, if I should be concerned, and what I can do to correct this if it is a problem.

Note: The wall the roost runs parallel to and is 12 inches away from is a 3/4 wall for the summer, with the top acting as a big vent. Also, the roost is somewhat-near their yard-access opening. Would they be afraid of sleeping near these openings? At night I find them huddled on top of each other in the farthest corner from the vent and yard-door.

Ideas? Suggestions?
Appreciate your guys' expertise


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Mar 16, 2009
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It took mine a while to figure it out, too. To help them figure it out I went out at dusk several nights in a row and physically placed them on the roost one by one. Sometimes they'd hop off and I kept putting them back until they stayed. Did this for 3 nights in a row and then they figured it out.

I do have 3 hens who don't roost at all. One is handicapped and can't roost, the other two are a silkie and a Polish. I have read on BYC that many silkies just don't roost. Not sure about the Polish, she might just be following suite because she is their flock mate.

Good luck!


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Jul 28, 2009
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I agree with going out after dark and placing them on the roost yourself, for a few days consistantly. They will get the hang of it. Another thing to consider is heat in the coop. Obviously it's hotter up high, so could they be choosing the lowest spot because it's cooler on the floor???

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