Girls spending first night in coop outside.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by write2caroline, Jul 3, 2010.

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    Jun 21, 2009
    It has been so tropically hot at night I decided the girls need to go out to sleep. Finished up the coop and filled it with deep litter instead of sand like in the brooder. We added some hardware cloth so I can open a door and give them more light at air during the day and I added a solar night light. So far so good. A little bit of peeping but it has quieted down a lot. They outgrew the brooder so fast. I am hoping tomorrow they figure out the ladders and roosts.

    I am so happy for a bigger space for my littlest girls. This is actually the new bantam coop but my littlest girls had the greater need and the bantams have the cool other coop too so they are all okay!

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    [​IMG] I'm sure they'll enjoy their new digs.
    I'm at the point of losing my mind, what little I have left to lose, if I don't get these chicks off of our screened porch soon! Today DH and I were lazy and laid around all day.
    Tomorrow we must work, work, work! to get the chicks new home all set up.
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    I gave one of my old coops to a friend today, and an hour later the Brand New Built-By-A-Professional Coop was delivered and set in the run. He took a picture for his sales album before he left. (The bird netting kinda obscures it a tad.) But he got a shot of Minerva running OUT of the chicken door after her first investigation of the new edifice.

    I had to take down a section of the run fence, move a bunch of stuff, but that was just to take the old coop out. The new coop now has pine shavings in the coop section and all four nest boxes. I also rocked/dragged it to a slightly better position.

    I am POOPED. In a little while I'll have to go assist the Middles in learning it's their new digs.

    Tomorrow I'll replace the run fence (yes, every coop locks up tight!) and move other stuff around.

    And the youngsters in the brooder go out TOMORROW, after I set up the Little Tyke Playhouse as a coop for them.
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    I like it Linda. We're running into an issue with insulating the roof of our second coop, but we'll get it figured out.

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