Girls wallowing in the dirt??


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Jul 2, 2011
I'm a new mom so I'm still learning. Thanks ahead for any advice! My girls are 5 mos old, just started laying 2 wks ago and also some have started wallowing in the dry dirt. Is this normal?

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Hi Hen Mom -

Welcome to BYC!

The first time I saw mine dust bathing, I thought they were in pain and dying!

LOVE it...I have holes in one area near my barn....its great for them, helps them remove bugs etc, a dust bath!
Yep, and they are amazing rototillers, don't stand behind them when they start digging.

I let mine in one of my raised beds before I planted my fall crop, they had a blast and no need for me to turn the soil at all!
Then they have their designated dust bath spot sometimes I have to walk right over them because they are all piled up in one 'waller'. They had a good one yesterday, now it will be a mud bath for a while, rain rain and more rain.
Completely normal. My hens have scratched out two holes (like dogs) in their pen just for dust bathing! I put some DE in their and ta daaaa.....they dust themselves lol.
Dust baths are calming chicken spa times. Mine have favorite spots that I have to fill in with dirt or sand every now and then because they get down so deep. Mine also prefer to dust bathe right after eating watermelon.
It's chicken bliss and helps keep them clean of mites. It's also fascinating to watch.

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