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    Oct 3, 2010
    I have been trying for months now to put my to buff orps in with my 3 rir but the reds wont have it. I have a separate little coop for them that had a dog cage inside the big pen and it still didnt help. The buffs get to free range in the back yard but now they are bigger than the rir and I have to make them a run for when Im not there since the little cage is now to small. Ive tried letting the rir free range with the buffs but the rir go right after them and the dogs. Although one big bark and a lot of poop later they no longer bother nina my big german sheppard. The buffs are bigger but they get chased all over and end up under my tools till I put the reds away. I really dont want to build all that extra stuff but its not just a pecking order thing they are really trying to hurt them. The reds also seem to be mean to everybody but me, they run to me when I come out jump on my arms, I can pick them up, they sing to me and I have fun with them so I cant get rid of them. Is there any way at all that I can make them at least get along with my other girls.
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    Try taking one of your RIR - the lowest on the pecking order - and putting her in with the buffs for a couple days. Let her bond with the buffs and spend a couple days free ranging and roosting with them. Then take another red and add to the buffs/red group. Then add the boss RIR.

    The other thing I would do, is when the RIR are picking on the Buffs - step between them and make the RIR stop. You are the leader of the flock - and if you do nothing - then it must be ok behavior and they will continue it.

    Good Luck - Orps are so very docile and gentle that your RIR will learn to love them.
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    HorseFeather NV has the right plan.

    I had a sex linked that was literally going after me. She would growl and attack my legs. I know, she wasn't a rooster, but
    became very, very aggressive.

    The next time she tried that I grabbed her and held her down for several minutes, letting her know I'm the boss
    and that kind of behavior doesn't fly.

    She stopped. I think she was humiliated.

    Also, if I see aggressive behavior, I will stand in between the chickens until one turns away. They
    know when they see me coming they better behave.

    I've noticed a less action now.

    Good luck

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