Give chicks Yogurt?

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  1. What age is too young to give chicks yogurt? Is it good for them?

    I have 7 4 week old chicks that I would like to give some plain yogurt too.
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    I don't think a little treat now-and-then would cause trouble, but I would prob'ly wait until they were closer to laying-age... Too much calcium can give chicks kidney problems.
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    [​IMG] Hi, I just wanted to say that for us....we started giving our chicks yogurt around 5wks? We gave them yogurt around three - four times a week. They really enjoy it. So far we have not had any health problems. Actually, really really healthy chickies. I do attribute it to the yogurt, ACV, fresh fruit and fresh air. Good luck!!! [​IMG]
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    I started yogurt when mine were less than two weeks old. I don't consider it a treat. It's good for them. Make sure it's the plain, low-fat kind.
  5. Well, I just gave them a little yogurt. They dont seem so enthused. lol. So ill just keep it out there for a while. I think they have coccidia, so Im treating them for that and Ive been reading that milk products help chicks infected with coccidia.

    Now for the ACV. Does it have to be organic. I have regular plain ACV, but it doesnt have the "mother" in it.
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    Quote:Stupid question [​IMG] what is ACV?
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    I didn't give mine yogurt until 9 weeks old. I've only given it to them twice now. They are spoiled rotten with so many other things, I haven't bothered to buy more since [​IMG]

    Besides, I don't think silkies should be as fat as mine are getting from 'treats' daily.

    I think they'd be fine, just don't over do it. [​IMG]
  8. Quote:Stupid question [​IMG] what is ACV?

    ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar. I didnt know what it was either when I first saw it.
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    I am sorry Apple Cider Vinegar. I do not believe it has to be organic, the stuff I buy isnt. I cant get organic.
    I mixed my yogurt with chick starter crumbles at first so it was a little easier for them to eat. I do not feel that it has made our chickies fat at all. They free range for half a day every day. Lots of fresh air and exercise. And Yes, please use plain low-fat yogurt. I stopped giving it to them regularly at about 3 1/2 months. Now they just get it as a treat.
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  10. Yes, my yogurt is plain, low-fat yogurt.

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