given silkies, 2 hens and a rooster but one looks alot like a cockerel


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Apr 19, 2009
I was given what I thought was 2 hens and a rooster but one of these "hens" looks to me like a cockerel, im unsure of ages and I know silkies are hard to sex but what do you think?top pic is the ?, left bottom rooster, right bottom hen


sorry for the sloppy post, im new at this!
Looks to me like somebody gave you 2 roosters
The comb and wattles are a big giveaway

Its hard to sex them when they are young birds.

These birds look allot older like a year old. That first rooster almost looks like hes 2. The Cockeral I am saying hes 6 months
Well atleast you got lucky and got some cute birds. Did you buy them or were they free?
a coworker gave them to me for free!i thought he looked like a cockerel but the 2 get along!
at this point...2 roos and a hen! My two roos and 1 hen get along right now too but there is a dominant roo and he is starting to be a bully at 5 1/2 months old!

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