Giving 2-3 day old chicks to a broody hen


Nov 13, 2018
New Zealand
She may not have been broody long enough. I've heard 3-4 weeks of brooding is a good time and the younger the chicks the better.

It sounds like she's ignoring them and it hasn't been successful. At this stage, if she'd accepted them, she should be 'clucking' like a ticking clock, keeping them close and tidbitting - a more urgent clucking where she picks up and crumbles their food, dropping it down in front of them.

If she's not leading them with her, you may find she relocates to an empty nest and goes back to brooding.

FYI, if you like your chicks very hand-tame, brooder box is the way to go. My hen-brooded chicks are always a bit skittish.


Jul 6, 2018
So… update: We did end up losing one more of the super blues (breed created by hatchery) very randomly the next day and are now left with 5. She has been a GREAT mama! The chicks are doing well with her so far. Thank you everyone for all of your advice and support! 💖🐥🐤

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