Giving a betta as a christmas gift

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    Hello everyone
    I lnow xmas is still far away but I found a great offer for a great nano tank and have decided to get a male betta for my cousin. I will be getting the Nano LED tank and hope to find a red betta, they have some nice ones at hollywood fish farm. I also plan to set it up with a filter, possibly heater, gravel and java fern or ambulia + some sort of spider wood. The tank will be put on a desk on the opposite wall of a window, so there won't be too much direct light.
    My question is: do you guys have any good advice for keeping bettas in nano tanks, and are there any cool ways I could set it up for my 12 yr old cousin? Are there any creativz ways i could gift wrap it?

    I think I will set everything up at my house a few weeks before xmas, do the fishless cycle. Then I will bag the water, plants, gravel etc and transport everything over to my cousin's. I'll get the betta at the same time and set it up again (with same water that has been cycled).
    Do you think this will work? Do you guys have any better ideas.

    And to all those who think this is a bad idea, yes she does want a betta and no she doesn't know much about them but I plan on getting her a couple of betta care books. Yes if there is anything wrong or anything that changes and if she doesn't want the betta anymor I would be glad to take him and keep him. But i'm sure she will love him :)
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    Betta fish do not need filters in their tanks, they are air breathers so a filter would over oxygenize the water. But Betta fish are some of the easiest fish to keep because they are so low maintenance.
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    I got my seven year old daughter some Bettas for her birthday

    We hav a heat pad and some ambulia
    As long as their not over fed their easy to maintain

    It's prob gud to make sure ur cousin understands they hav a fairly short life span

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