Giving away my boys.... :(


8 Years
May 26, 2011
North Carolina
Ok Im a little sad....Im giving away mylittle cockerels Paislee and Jack.

I love the lttle guys but cant keep them. Im meeting someone later to take them...

Anyone else feel like this??
I haven't had to do that yet, but I'm sure I would feel the same way. The little roos just have so much personality. I have 11 5-week-old Cornish cross roos that I am raising for meat, but they have endeared themselves so much to me, I don't think I can do it. I have 31 chicks altogether, but the CX are the sweetest and most lovable of all of them. I was determined not to get attached to them, but their personalities made that impossible.
I'm looking at having four 5 1/2week old big combed White Leghorns - and I know I'm right there with you. We hatched these guys and it will be so hard to get rid of them. We could keep one, but not 4. There's only 1 in the flock with a little comb and I presume it's my only pullet. So not looking forward to telling the kids either.
I gave away my roo Jack at 15 weeks to a lovely family just down the street where I can visit him any time I like...and I still cried like a baby after. Felt I had failed him...
Oh I am feeling the SAME WAY!!!! I feel like I have disappointed them! I havent even given them away yet! The little Duckwing "Jack" could careless about me but the BB red "Paislee" is soooo sweet!!! He soo good with the little girls!!
Oh yes - our little d'uccle cockerel wasn't too bad, because my brother took him, so I can see him from time to time when I visit back home. But my little silkie cockerel was a hard one for me to rehome. He was such a cute, quirky little bird. To be honest, I STILL sometimes regret giving him away
We're getting ready to give up three Japanese-Old English Game Bantam roos. We can't have tim in the city. We're keeping their two sisters. Two are going to a friend who lives in the country and has a ton of chickens, so they'll have a good home. The other is going to another friend who is one of the biggest chicken lovers I know. But, knowing they are going to good homes doesn't make you feel any better! You love them since you've been taking care of them for weeks and weeks! I understand.
I could never let my Ameraucana cockerel go ! He is such a good boy when it comes to protecting his girls, and he is just so colorful. Besides, I love to hear his crow.
I remember you posted their photos awhile back - so cute. I was really hoping something would change, and you'd be able to keep them. So sorry.

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