Giving broody hens eggs from the incubator


Jun 21, 2018
QLD Australia
Hi all!!
so 6 days ago I loaded up 24 LF eggs into my incubator. since then two of my bantam hens have gone broody. a silkie literally the day after I loaded it and now I have a pekin bantam (aka bantam cochin?) sitting next to her growling at me lol
I was wondering if I could take a few of the eggs out of the incubator to give them or should I just let them sit and give them chicks once they hatch
I found a good incubator has better hatching rate than hens, I would keep the eggs in the incubator, but why don't you do both.
I don’t see why you shouldn’t give them any eggs. They can set on about 6 each. Hens talk to the chicks in the eggs and the chicks recognise their mother this way. I gave my hen some chicks and they didn’t respond to her at all for the first 4 days, like when she clucked after finding food, they just sat there.

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