giving freshed hatch chicks to their momma hen?


10 Years
Feb 22, 2009
ontario, canada
ok its day 19 and i have 3 old english game birds cross belgian d'anver banty eggs about to hatch out of my incubtaor. i was wondering if i bring the hen who layed the eggs into the house and gave her the babys if she will take care of them ?? i have heard she will somtimes but i want to check with you guys first . comments
Probably not.....but that's just my guess.

ETA: She has no clue those are "her" chicks.
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If she were presently broody, you might be able to trick her into thinking she hatched them, but otherwise it's not worth the bother.

Though, I did once have a Buff Orpington pullet adopt a much younger Rhode Island Red chick. She learned to cluck while mothering him. But, you can't count of that kind of thing happening.
ok well ill bring her in when they hatch and see what happens but i dont plan on putting those little ones in the coop with her ill leave them in the brooder, thanks for the comments:)

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