Giving older chicks to broody hen- please help!!!


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Apr 7, 2009
I had a chick that hatched with some problems and was rejected by its mom, so I kept it in the house. It was doing better and I got a chick from the feed store to keep it company. Sadly, tonight it went downhill very fast and passed away:(. Now the poor chick I bought is all alone and peeping sadly.

I have a broody hen who is supposed to hatch eggs on Tuesday. Can I put the little chick under her with the new babies or will she reject it because by this time it will be too old? (almost 2 weeks).

Will the baby follow a mother chicken, sleep under her, etc when it is this old?

Also, I am not sure if the broody hens eggs are fertile. If they don't hatch, will she be more likely to accept it as her only chick?

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks so much for any advice. I really don't want the baby to be all alone!


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She may take it, but keep an eye on her. The chick may be two weeks, but if mom is set on her eggs hatching she will treat the two weeker as a day old.

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