giving the chickens breakfast in bed

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    Jul 6, 2011
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    Hi everyone!
    This morning was pretty cold,wet, and dark. Sooooooo the girlies got breakfast in bed!!! It was so funny![​IMG]
    the girls would not budge of there roost because it was so dark, but they were wide awake! (their roost are set up so that they can see the ground. but don't worry I have them all secured up so that nothing can get to them and thier run is covered in plastic sheeting right now to keep the wetness and wind chill out.) I ran in to the house and made a big serving of cream of wheat ( it like porridge and I got it as a special treat for the chickens) then I dumped some scratch and yogurt in it too, the girls loved it! My amarucana names Roxy dug in! I was laughing so hard! Then when she started eating the scratch it all got stuck to her beak and because she couldn't rub it against the ground she stayed like that untill the other chickens could clean her off. It was great fun and I recomend it if you spoil your chooks like I do.

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