Giving the hen the slip UPDATE!!!!


15 Years
Apr 14, 2007
Portland TN
I've got 2 broodies that won't give up. The eggs just won't hatch do to the inexperience of the hens, being their first clutch and leaving the eggs too long. So today I bought some chicks from TSC and I plan on slipping the bad eggs out and slipping the chicks in late tonight under the cloak of darkness....
Do ya'll think she will accept them? The hens are both standard blue cochins
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Hey airmom it's because of that article I'm gonna try this. I just hate to think after over 3 weeks of waiting for her peeps that they never come is just heartbreaking. So I want her to get her reward for her work. I pray this works out for all.
Have you candled the eggs? How long has she been sitting? They should hatch on day twenty. Before you toss them, candle them. Good news! My little bantam is broody. Tonight I will try to slip her nest in a large closed pen. If that works this time, I will remove the golf balls and place her fertile (hopefully) eggs under her. Y'all say a prayer! I messed up two days ago and tried moving her nest in the daytime. BIG MISTAKE!!!
She pitched a banty fit! Today she only got off the nest once for food, water, short dust bath, and poo then promptly returned. The funny thing is, I have 7 golf balls in there. She is a tiny Serama bantam and can only sit on three of them. She has the other four pulled really close to her, but there's no physical way she can get more than three under her at once. Bless her heart! I hope I can get at least 4 of her tiny eggs under her. I have six, but two of them are past the 10 day mark, so we will probably eat them for breakfast.

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