Giving up all my birds

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    I've had birds for 3 or 4 years, and have really enjoyed them. Currently I have a pair of chinese geese, 10 ducks and 16 chickens. As much as I love getting fresh organic eggs, and watching them be ridiculous in the yard, I've come to a bit of a conclusion. my life would be simpler, and therefore easier if I had less extra responsibilities. I'm a grown up, with kids, and the amount of time I spend with the birds either letting them out, putting them in, feeding, watering, selling eggs, buying food, dealing with predators, and just the heartbreak. The breaking point was our broody duck. She had 13 eggs in a nest in the corner of the garden, and they were close to hatching. a skunk came in, sprayed mama duck, and ate/broke all 13 eggs. Mama duck ran in circles and cried for 2 days. I don't ever want to see anything like that again, and If I ever do return to having birds, I'm only going to have as many as it takes to provide eggs for ME. not my church, not my neighbors, not for selling.
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    [​IMG] sorry you came to this decision
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    Sorry, sometimes life forces unpleasant decisions on us.

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    I feel for you. We each have to make the best decision for our own situation. I know last year I was in the ridiculous situation where I had so many people wanting my eggs that my own family didn't eat a single egg for over a month so that I could meet all of the requests. I finally put my foot down and said "No, I got into this primarily so that my family could have fresh eggs and from now on, our needs come first. If there are some left over, I'll be happy to give them away to friends/family". That policy is working so much better this year. I also know how heart-breaking it can be. Take a break and maybe sometime in the future it will seem like a good idea again.
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    OH, I am so sorry to hear that! Are you sure you couldn't just downsize and keep some? I just think about all the enjoyment I get from caring for my flock....It really helps me hang onto my sanity. I'm like you, full time job, family to care for, house to keep clean, lawn to care for......You name it.

    I am so sad for your duck too........BIG BIG HUGS! [​IMG]

    Whatever you do, maybe just take a few days, so you don't react when your heart is hurting.....

    Take care and good luck!

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    If it helps any, I am close to that point! It's physically hard for me to get around these days, and I spend way too much time caring for 3 ducks and 20 chickens. I may keep just enough for our own egg needs and leave it at that. It would be nice to have just one run and coop to tend, rather than three, and the savings on feed costs would be a benefit.

    I've had chickens a long time, but there comes a time when cutting back looks very enticing!

    Sorry to hear about your broody duck. [​IMG]
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    Sorry - Maybe if you just had a couple of birds? Just for fun? I know how hard it is to deal with tragedies like that. I had a turkey hen killed on a nest by some predator who also killed, ate and crushed her developed pipping eggs at the same time. I havn't bred turkeys since - I just couldn't take it anymore. But I still have the chickens, because they are in a big sturdy pen, so my broodies are safer than the turkeys ever were. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] I understand that this decision was not reached without much thought. As a suggestion, try getting rid of your 'least favorites' on a gradual basis. Maybe once the load is lessened you may decide to keep a few. Your backyard will be SO empty. [​IMG]

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