Giving up for Lent?


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Dec 21, 2010
Lent is coming and I have never before observed the practice of giving something up for Lent, but I'm thinking of changing that this year. I know a lot of people give up Chocolate or something of the like for Lent, I'm thinking WHEAT! I've been thinking about cutting down on the wheat in my diet, but find it really difficult, which makes it a good deprivation for Lent, I think. Plus I know if I'm not eating wheat I will probably lighten up on sugar too since I LOVE baked goods!

So, I was wondering if anyone else is giving up a food item or category for Lent?
I'm giving up pizza... it's my favorite food and i eat if often... I'm also giving up bacon and sausage, my favorite meats for breakfast. I;m actually not Catholic yet But i will be officially on Easter. Been going to RCIA.
I used to think that giving things up for lent was only a "catholic" thing, but found out last year that it's really not. Methodists (the church I go to on occasion) and other Christian denominations do it too. I'm thinking if I'm giving up flour, which will be a huge undertaking for me, that I had better go to services more regularly during lent as well so that I can learn WHY I'm giving it up!

Good luck with the no pizza!

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