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  1. Kamivy

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    Jan 5, 2015
    I have been growing out some glw chicks with plans to breed. I have 4 roosters that are about 4 months old, and have been trying to work out which to keep for breeding. I have come to the conclusion they are all poor quality. [​IMG] 2 have nice gold lacing on the breast, but i read that you should first "build the barn before you paint it!" With this in mind, these two roosters are quite narrow bodied and do not show the right conformation. They will not improve my birds. The remaining two roosters are better in the body - taller and broader, but are so black in the hackles and breast they have no lacing on the breast at all! Usually i follow the "use the best of what you have" philosophy, but given these major flaws should i just scrap them and start again?
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    Jun 18, 2010
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    I would scrap and restart.

    GLW are not an ultra-rare, hard to find breed. I've seen actually pretty nice roosters on my local CL. It is possible to get some decent looking birds from hatchery stock still. Not stellar, of course, but better than what you're starting with.

    Were you working with a breed that was very hard to find, very rare, etc, I'd say maybe give one a try. But this breed....I'd just keep looking.

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