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Oct 10, 2010
Blaine, Washington
This is an adorable little chicken bead that I made out of glass in an oxygen/propane mix torch. She has a 3/32" hole size and measures approx 1/2" tall. I can make these up in diferent colors and can make pairs if you would like them for earrings. Each one is made individually so no 2 are exactly alike.
That's great! Torchwork is hard to do.

I don't do it, but a friend in TX does and they also make great ceiling fan pulls.
Hmmm, that's a good idea....chicken ceiling fan pulls. I just like making these little beads, but haven't come up with a good use for them. A friend's little girl loves the one I made for her and she wears it on a cord as a necklace. I was just curious what chicken lover reactions would be. Thanks for the feedback!
I would love some as earrings! They are adorable! Great work!!
Can you custom make one based on a photo? I just lost my precious RIR Neelix last night. He was not sick or hurt, he had a treat of pancakes and then half hour later he was gone.
my son's collect these. it's the only reason they like to go to the stained glass store, to get these glass figures, very cute!
Thanks for all the comments and ideas! I'm going to make more chicken beads in various "breeds" and make up some earrings-zipper pulls-christmas tree ornaments and post them shen they are done. Thanks again for the feedback everyone :0)
In the meantime if anyone has a request I think you can contact me thru this listing

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