Glass eye dropper & 5 nipple hanging auto waterer

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    Aug 28, 2014
    I just thought I would share with everyone how I feed my little babies :) shortly after they hatch.
    I usually wait a few hours until they dry off and begin wandering around..
    I use a glass eyedropper, filled with very diluted nutrient water (a tiny-tiny pinch of save-a-chick + a tiny-tiny pinch of chick starter feed; mixed with about a cup of good water, but NOT city water, Well-water, or mineral water is better IMO).

    I approach the little one(or let it approach) and gently squeeze the dropper so that just a drop hangs on the tip, and immediately the chick will notice it and begin sipping the drops. It may just want one drop, or sometimes many...
    It usually always shakes it's head (and stumbles), the very first time it feels the liquid in it's mouth, but then it normally wants more!

    ~ This one (only 10 hours old) took several sips and appears to be doing well.
    (It's alert, curious, and walking around with ease, and it loves to cuddle & "hang-out" in a clean & warm cupped-hand).

    I've had good luck so far feeding them this way (with all 9 of my recently hatched chicks).

    Also, for the chicks that are a bit older, I made this 5 nipple hanging auto waterer.

    Can feed many chicks with clean water for days!
    Constant "cleaner" water for the little ones by utilizing Gravity!
    "Oh, how I love Gravity, sometimes..." And it's a food/water safe container, well hopefully, right?..
    It won't buildup with icky bedding, poo, pee, etc. and won't evaporate!
    The best part is not having to flush out the bedding that settles in the standard ground-bowl waterers 10+ times a day! (from the chicks running around and kicking up the bedding and poo into the bowl, eeeeeewww!)

    This thing works great! ..Some chicks can't get enough! :)

    Can chickens drink too much water and OD from it? LOL :p
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