glass found in gizzard

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    Apr 27, 2009
    I had an apparently healthy RIR hen die over the weekend, and had her autopsied. The preliminary diagnosis was acute septicemia--bacteria in the bloodstream. Her lungs and kidneys had hemmhoraged. This hen was at the bottom of the pecking order, and did have a bloody comb from time to time, but nothing that i thought needed special attention.

    The autopsy also showed that she had bits of broken glass in her gizzard, though it said there did not seem to be damage to the gizzard or intestine from the glass.

    I have been using paver sand and bark mulch from Home Depot in the coop, but i won't be any more. I changed it out recently and i found bits of plastic and metal in the mulch, though i didn't see any glass, but this is where it must have come from.

    I am posting this for 3 reasons: One, as a warning to be very careful about the source of materials you use in your coop.

    Second, I am wondering if the bacteria in the bloodstream was more likely to come from the pecking by other chickens, or the glass that had been eaten (that did not appear to have caused damage.)

    Third, how worried do i need to be about my remaining chickens, and is there anything i can do for them? Does non-digestible material in the gizzard eventually make its way through the digestive system? I appreciate any comments. Thanks.

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