Glass Tank Incubator?

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    Jul 22, 2019
    Good day to everybody,
    I'm planning on hatching some quail eggs soon, however, I do not have access to an incubator. I do have a 10 gallon aquarium tank that I plan to use for this; I'd like some advice and review on what I've come up with.
    The bottom of the tank is lined with paper towels. On top is a 75W Zoo Med infrared night lamp. (See image below)
    There is a screen lid on top, as well as a small cup of water directly underneath the heat lamp to induce humidity.
    I realize that my bulb might be a bit strong, which is why I plan on placing the eggs further away from the lamp if needed. The chicks will still be within the aquarium tank.
    Attached below are some images.
    Any feedback/advice/concerns would be greatly appreciated, as I hope to make them hatch successfully. Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to hearing any suggestions.

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    Jul 2, 2015
    My friend hatched a few eggs in a similar set up several years back and I remember at least some of her eggs hatched. So I think it may work --- but it might be good idea to test the setup first. Get a couple of thermometers and ideally a hygrometer to measure humidity. Set things up in the room where where you plan to incubate and test exactly where eggs will need to be in relation to the heat source to maintain the ideal temperature. See if temperature stays consistent or fluctuates during the day/night. Look out for cold spots-all the eggs need to be just as warm. Hence the need for more than one thermometer. The same with humidity- you can use more small containers of water or sponges to add humidity if needed. Notice I didn't give exact temp or humidity because everybody has their own theory about that (especially humidity). Do some reading and take your choice (your set up will function like a still air incubator so needs to be a little warmer than a forced air set up) Remember eggs will need to be turned a minimum of 3 times a day -likely by hand without a more formal set up. Good luck.

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