Investigating Glitch?


Mar 31, 2017
Ok so every time I try to type, my screen scrolls to the bottom and I press something else leading me to a different article and losing the one I was on..? I do use an iPhone. It’s like the keyboard disappears and I press something else. It just happened twice while trying to type this. Does this make any sense? Is it because I use a phone?
I'm sorry this is happening.

Are you using your iPhone's browser or the App?
I quit using the app long time ago, there was always some form of glitch that aggravate me. I just use the safari since
that’s helpful. Thank you:) also, it keeps saying “error while loading” ???
Is your phone up to date? Have you checked for new updates recently. What about your service? Are you getting full strength service? Just today I was having trouble while inside of a store where my internet connection was bad. I am using the app right now and love problems.
See if the updates help. Report back please. I hope it works.:fl

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